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Better Choice : Retirement Security

Solutions for A Better Future

Canadians are worried about their retirement, and the number of seniors living in poverty in Canada is on the rise. As older workers near retirement age, many fear they won’t have enough money saved. For some, the investment returns they were promised never materialized. Others just couldn’t save enough on their own.

After a lifetime of hard work, no one should have to retire in poverty.

In fact, a small increase in Canada Pension Plan contributions could help make things easier. For less than a cup of coffee and a donut a day the average worker could double their CPP benefits at retirement.

So what are we waiting for?

With baby boomers about to retire in unprecedented numbers, the federal government is ignoring the looming crisis and insisting Canadians can just fend for themselves.

It’s Time to Expand the CPP.

Expanding the CPP provides a simple and effective choice for all workers.

The CPP benefits everyone:  It follows workers from job to job across the country, covering all workers – including the 11 million Canadians that don’t have a workplace pension plan.

The CPP is effective:  With very low management costs, the CPP keeps up with the cost of living and pays out benefits until death. And it won’t cost employers more because they are already participating.

The CPP is safe:  Financed exclusively by workers and their employers, you can be confident the CPP will be there for you. Because it’s a defined benefit, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get. There’s no need to worry about how the stock market will perform, or your employer’s stability, or any investment fees.


Expanding the CPP is the better choice to help today’s workers retire with dignity tomorrow.