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Search Tips


Search the entire site or search sub-sections

The Membership, Services, Careers, Training, Publications, and News sections each have a search box that allows you to search that section only.

Searching within Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Documents

Larger documents in our website are often Adobe Acrobat files.

You can search within a PDF document by opening it and using the search function from the toolbar. Look for the binocular icon, select it and enter your words or phrase in the search box.

The results list will show the page number for each of the hits, and the words or phrase will be highlighted within the document.

Phrase Search

Entering “Educational Assistants” will return documents containing that phrase.

You may combine phrases, for example “Educational Assistants” AND “Bill 52”, for even better results.

Boolean Operators

The Boolean Operators must be in capitals.

AND Finds documents containing all of the specified words or phrases. Speaker AND Data AND Bank returns documents containing these three words.

OR Returns documents containing at least one of the specified words or phrases. “Bill 52” OR “Learning to Age 18” finds documents containing either of the phrases. The found documents could contain both phrases, but not necessarily.


Excludes documents containing the word or phrase following AND NOT, for example: Pension AND NOT OMERS.

Proximity Search
NEAR Searching with NEAR returns results ranked in order of how close to each other the words are in the document. The results for opportunities NEAR development illustrate how this search works.