Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
35 Brock University Support Staff


OSSTF D35 Brock University Support Staff Committees

Below you will find a list of committees and members.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact us.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Representatives: 
Wanda Gilmore (Worker Vice-Chair)
Darlene Morris - Health and Safety Officer
Alison Rothwell, President (Alternate
Joint Job Evaluation Committee Members:
Debbie Ouelette
Wanda Gilmore
Alison Rothwell, President
Lesa Mansfield

Social Committee Members:

Violetta Clitheroe
Ghislaine Clouthier
Greg Panas
Bargaining Unit Representatives:
TBD AGM 2019

Collective Bargaining Committee:

TBD 2020
Pension Committee Representative:
Kayne Wignall