Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
35 Brock University Support Staff

Membership Update & Ratification Vote

To all OSSTF members,

We hope that everyone has heard that we were able to reach a tentative
agreement with the University yesterday after a long, and at times
difficult, process which ended late last night.

On behalf of the Table Team I want to thank the entire membership for
supporting us through this journey and demonstrating what can be achieved
when we work together in solidarity.

We have been able to finalize some of the details regarding the
ratification process which we hope to have completed before the end of this

On Tuesday, August 11th at noon, the Table Team will be seeking endorsement
of the tentative deal from both the CBC and the Executive.

On Wednesday, August 12th at 4:15pm in TH 325, we will present the details
of the tentative agreement to the membership and answer questions.

On Thursday, August 13th from 9am to 4pm, location TBA, we will conduct our
ratification vote.

As a reminder, you must vote in person as we do not have provisions for
proxy voting, mail-in ballots, etc.

Please feel free to forward any questions to this email address or via x

In solidarity,

Norm Westbury



Brock University Support Staff

St. Catharines, ON

905-688-5550 ext: 4978