Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
35 Brock University Support Staff

Call for CBC Volunteers

In accordance with Bylaw 13, please accept this email as a call for up to 12 members to participate in the large Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC).  OSSTF will be entering bargaining in 2021.  As part of this process we are issuing a call for volunteers to sit on this larger committee.  It will be from, and by, this committee that the negotiating (table) team will be elected.

What are the commitment expectations?

Members of the large CBC will be expected to attend monthly meetings which will take place over lunch and/or after work.  The committee members will be expected to review the collective agreement and assist in the preparation of the bargaining brief.  Members of this committee will also elect the negotiating team from this larger committee.  Once the brief is in place and a table team selected, the large CBC will continue to be on call for further meetings as necessary.  *Note: Due to Covid, meetings will be virtual until we are back on-campus.

If you are interested in being part of the CBC, please email our President, Greg Panas at brocksuportstaff@gmail.com  with your full name and email.


In Solidarity,


Ghislaine Clouthier

OSSTF D-35 Brock University

Communications/Political Action Officer