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Better Choice: Good Jobs

The better choice recognizes that Canadian workers fuel our economy.


Working Toward a Better Future

Canadians need quality jobs they can rely on so they can feel more secure about their future.

Our shaky economic recovery has left 2.8 million Canadians unemployed or underemployed. Nearly three quarters of the jobs created over the past six years have been precarious – part-time, temporary or in the self-employed sector. Nearly a million Canadians have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

The impact is most apparent among younger Canadians, who continue to struggle with double the national unemployment rate.


Instead of relying on $100 oil or an 80¢ dollar to drive economic activity, let’s find a better choice.

Workers are our strongest competitive advantage. Let’s start to transition away from an economy dependent on fossil fuels to a low carbon economy that would create tens of thousands of quality jobs, boost the manufacturing sector and help fight climate change.


Nearly 1 million Canadians have to juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet.


Let’s invest in rapid transit for municipalities and create thousands of local jobs in manufacturing and construction, while also boosting ridership. Canada has a long history of manufacturing high quality transit equipment. These are good jobs which will create affordable, greener transportation.

Let’s invest in jobs and training for health care professionals, to better prepare for our aging population and the demands that will place on the health care system.

Let’s reinvest in infrastructure and in public services, such as new waste water systems for our cities, or much-needed federal services for our veterans and seniors.

Investment in people and the communities they live in – not just resource extraction – is a better choice for Canadians and the economy.