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Better Choice : Child Care

If Quebec can do it, why can’t we?


Quebec’s affordable child care approach paid off for the economy. Investment in its $7 a day child care program more than paid for itself through mothers’ annual income and consumption taxes. The program increased the number of women in the workforce by 3.8 per cent, pumping an additional $5.2 billion into the Quebec economy and boosting the province’s Gross Domestic Product by 1.7 per cent.




So why can’t the rest of Canada benefit from a national child care system?


Today, four out of every five children under six years old don't have access to a regulated child care space. For many families, the cost of child care is their second-highest expense after housing. In Ontario, for example, families can spend between $40 and $60 a day for care – in bigger cities, the cost can be even higher.

Finding quality, affordable care shouldn’t be a never-ending struggle. Quebec’s example shows that affordable childcare benefits everyone.

A national child care system is a better choice for children, families and the economy.