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All Candidates Debate on Health Care - June 4 & June 5



Sponsored by: Niagara Health Coalition, Ontario Health Coalition,
 Ontario Health Coalition
 and the Retired Teachers of Ontario Branch 14




Bring your questions about health care issues in Niagara to the
candidates running in the provincial election.


Attendance is free and all are welcome!




Wednesday, June 4th  St. Catharines Riding           7-9pm


                                      Port Dalhousie Legion,  57 Lakeport Road


                                      St. Catharines




                                      Candidates invited:


                                      Jim Bradley                  Liberal


                                      Nicholas Dushko           Libertarian


                                      Karen Fraser                 Green Party


                                      Mat Siscoe                    Progressive Conservative


                                      Jennifer Stevens            Ontario New Democrat


                                      Dave Unrau                   Freedom Party


                                      Saleh Waziruddin           Communist Party of Ontario




Thursday, June 5th      Welland Riding                     7-9pm


                                      Welland Community Arena Room


                                      501 King St. West






                                      Candidates invited:


                                      Frank Campion             Progressive Conservative


                                      Donna Cridland            Green Party


                                      Cindy Forster                Ontario New Democrats


                                      Benoit Mercier              Liberal


                                      Andrea J. Murik            Libertarian




For more information contact: Niagara Health Coalition, 905-932-1646


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Niagara Health Coalition

Business: 905-932-1646