Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
35 Brock University Support Staff


Welcome to the OSSTF D-35 Brock University Support Staff website.

Our Bargaining unit is very active on behalf of our membership at the local and provincial level. There are many opportunities for members to get involved on committees, as OSSTF representatives, in training, and as executive members

If you take a moment to look at the calendar, and our community involvement tab, you will see some of the many order to help improve our working conditions at Brock, as well as strengthen our communities.  If there are events or projects that you feel we should consider getting involved with, please feel free to send us the information for the Executive to consider.

We will continue to use our Lunch & Learn sessions, email blasts and OSSTF Updates Newsletter to communicate with members.

Our goal is to serve the needs of our members so please take advantage of the information available and we look forward to seeing you at our events!